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          2. Dust Removal Machine

            Product Details:

            Main Features:

            1. Remove the residual dust automatically after flooring sanding, thereby enhance the coating quality.

            2. Equipped with dual dust nylon brush roller and strong blower, to clean dust better.

            3. Stainless steel vacuum mouth to reduce wind resistance.

            4. Equipped with line speed table, Can be work singly or cooperate with the production line.

            5. Equipped with advanced skid conveyong belt to increase the friction of the flooring and prevent the abnormal work due to belt slippage of short flooring.

            6. Widely used in front of the curtain coating machine or at the back of heavy duty sanding maching.


            Effective width 600mm

            Speed 0-30m/min

            Brush roller diameter F150x720mm

            Power 2HP

            Voltage 380V

            Blower power 450w

            Wind tube diameter 100mm

            Machinery size 3000x1600x1400mm